LAHORE - The Punjab government in collaboration with Turkish, Chinese and Dubai-based investors will surprise Lahorites by constructing a 'new city for elite beside River Ravi replacing mega project of National Ravi Park, sources informed The Nation on Wednesday. They said that the government planned to construct five-star hotels, clubs, golf grounds, parks, casinos, colleges, hospitals and football and cricket stadiums in the proposed city, which will be constructed with almost all modern facilities like the cities of developed countries. The representatives of provincial government and district administrations were not telling a lie when they had maintained that they would not launch Ravi Park project, they added. The plan 'city for elite will be kept hidden from the masses till the anti-encroachment operation currently in progress is accomplished. Dozens of houses, building structures and factories have already been razed on the land required for the purpose while the district administration has also started measuring the land for preparation of maps of the site according to the set plan. On Tuesday a number of officials including tehsildars, law experts, patwaris and officials from Planning Department visited the place and made sketches of several sites. Meanwhile, the stakeholders reached the spot and inquired the officials about the reason for measuring the land. They told them that they were getting sketches of the land on the directions of govt. They also informed the stakeholders and owners of the land situated near Motorway that the govt wanted to construct a college and a hospital on the site. Earlier, the CDG demolished a dozens of buildings from Saggian Bridge, Babu Sabu, Sanda Kalan, Sherakot, Jhuggian and Bhama without any prior notice to the victims and without telling them under what law their constructions were being razed. The provincial govt and city administration have issued directions to tehsildars and town administrations to continue the campaign, and announce through wall-chalking that any construction on the site of National Ravi Park is prohibited, the sources added. The DCO had clarified that such wall-chalking was not on governments behalf. However, Sajjad Bhuuta, did not point out those elements involved in the campaign, which was spreading harassment among the landowners and others. No action has been initiated so far against those persons or officials involved in wall-chalking. On the other hand, the stakeholders alleged that the government was backing a mafia comprising political figures belonging to ruling group, local investors, and high ranking officers that were using tehsildars, patwaris and some other officials for exploiting the stakeholders and landowners. Taking plea that the government has banned any construction in this area because of its vulnerability to flood, they want to purchase our properties at low rates, said a landowner Hanif of Jhugian. He further said that according to his information the government had even prohibited construction on land of such villages, which are not in 'flood area. If the government wants to acquire their land, it must adopt legal procedure by paying reasonable amount and local rates of land instead of possessing land through touts, said Imtiaz of Nonarian. When contacted, the reluctant DCO said, Neither a park nor any other project of constructing city for elite was going on in the said area. He maintained that restriction on constructions was under a master plan given by the Punjab government in order to secure the green area beside the City. As far as the measuring of land, making of maps of the sites and wall-chalking are concerned, these are totally illegal and have been done without my permission, Bhutta concluded.