ISLAMABAD Hundreds of victims of the infamous April 12 killings in Abbottabad during protests for Hazara province moved the Supreme Court on Wednesday, seeking the Chief Justice of Pakistans intervention. The family members of the protestors who were killed and injured assembled at Constitution Avenue outside the Supreme Courts buildings. The family representatives headed by former Speaker National Assembly Gohar Ayub Khan met Registrar Supreme Court Dr Faqir Hussain in his office and submitted an application against the April 12 carnage. In the application, the petitioners sought suo moto action from the CJ and rejected the findings of the Judicial Commission terming them politically motivated and demanded of registration of FIR against the responsible elements. Talking to TheNation, Gohar Ayub Khan said that the families of 7 slain protestors of the total 13 and those of 64 injured assembled at the Constitution Avenue in pursuit of justice. According to Gohar, majority of the injured protestors (more than 250) were seriously injured and could not travel to Islamabad in order to present their case and their families represented them. Pinpointing stark flaws in the controversial FIR that was registered against Tehreek-e-Hazara leaders on April 13, Gohar Ayub said that Member National Assembly, Sardar Shah Jahan Yousuf, along with other Thehreek leaders was also nominated in the FIR, despite the fact that he was not in Pakistan when the protests had taken place. Isnt it enough to prove their malicious intentions? Im a former Army officer and as per my experience, a full battalion hardy fires 800 bullets, if any crisis erupts and the ANP touts fired 1,500 bullets on innocent protesters Its a recall to infamous Jallianwala Bagh incident, he added. He said that Hazara had five districts and its 7.5 million population was greater than those of Denmark, Tajikistan and Israel. Even in our neighbourhood, India had 7 provinces initially, now it has 28 and 14 more are likely to be formed. On the other hand, the Governments here did not bother to create more administrative units out of superficial political motives, he added. Nazeer Muhammad, father of slain youth Yasir, who fell victim to indiscriminate firing of Peshawar police on April 12, hoped that the CJP, following his legacy, would bring the culprits to book and justice would be served soon. Talking to TheNation from Abbottabad, Quaid-e-Tehreek-e-Hazara Sardar Haider Zaman said that the due consideration on part of the SC could bring justice to bereaved families.