KARACHI - Sindh Assembly on Wednesday took strong exception to the statement of PML (N) MNA Abid Sher Ali in the National Assembly on Kalabagh Dam. The House for the third time unanimously rejected the construction of the water reservoir and also condemned the PML (N) parliamentarian for the 'language he used for those against the Dam. On a suggestion from MQM senior leader Syed Sardar Ahmed, the members of the entire house rose on their seats and loudly in a chorus read the resolution moved by Sindh Minister for Culture Sasui Palejo to condemn Abid Sher Ali. The resolution signed by a number of members read, This assembly once again categorically rejects the construction of shelved Kalabagh Dam and condemns the statement of MNA Abid Sher Ali: The provincial assemblies opposing the construction of Kalabagh Dam should be abolished and people who are against it are in fact Indian Agents. And also who has tried to over rule the decisions of three provincial assemblies of Pakistan i.e. provincial assembly of Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa which has unanimously rejected the construction of deceased Kalabagh Dam. Amidst ear deafening slogans against Kalabagh Dam and the supporters of the Dam, the House passed the resolution unanimously. Before, presenting the resolution Sasui Palejo, in a charged atmosphere, through a motion requested the Chair to relax all relevant rules under 211 of rules of procedure of provincial assembly of Sindh, and allow her to table the resolution. Speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro put the motion in the House which was carried unanimously. Earlier, the House resumed general discussion of the budget and 11 members both from Treasury and Opposition took part in the debate. Participating in the discussion, PML (F) members, Rana Abdus Sattar said that it has become customary that treasury benches praise the budget while opposition is typically against it. He said Rs327 billion was presented last year and the members delivered speeches for and against it. Entire non-development budget was consumed while only Rs35 billion out of Rs75 allocated for development were utilised and remaining amount lapsed. He said that number of PPP members had pinpointed weakness of budget which was correct to some extent. He said huge funds have been allocated to 4 to 5 districts and demanded development funds for villages and towns located in his constituency. Riding on the blind horse of power, rulers could not see the wrongs but they see all weakness and lacunas whenever they sit in opposition, he noted. He criticised the treasury members over their double standards, as on the one hand they were talking about health and education for the poor, while on the other hand their children were studying in Grammar Schools and they themselves got treatments from expensive private hospitals. He said that people in villages and towns were deprived of clean drinking water, schools in the villages were without teachers and hospitals without doctors. The situation in education and health sector would not improve unless our children get education in government schools and we get treatments in Taluka hospitals, Rana Sattar added. MQM member Askari Taqvi has said that under 18th amendment agriculture tax fall under the jurisdiction of province and hoped that the government will bring agricultural income under tax net. He said that when the landlords were availing subsides on fertilizers and agricultural inputs then there was no reason for them to oppose farm tax. PPP members Ghulam Muhammad Shehalyani, Shirjeel Memon, Shama Mithani, Farheen Mughal, Sikandar Shoro, MQM member Rehan Zafar and PML (Q) member Nuzhat Pathan took part in the discussion. They praised Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah and his team for presenting a 'balanced budget in the limited resources. The House which was set in motion by Speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro at 12-15 noon, carried Question and Answer Session on Food Department and adjourned till Thursday (today) morning.