ISLAMABAD - No expectations should be attached with United States in terms of its help to Pakistan in solving current energy crisis as there is no precedence available that US helped Pakistan rather it created difficulties in every sector, remarks an official on the current Pak-US strategic dialogue on energy. The official said that US has been making promises in the past following no fulfilment and even if they really want to do something, their process is too long that reaching that time there is no use of their help. The official also said that Pakistan should consult other countries like its close friend China and also attract Friends of Pakistan to invest in energy sector of the country rather relying on US in any matter. Where is the 10,000 megawatt plant that US earlier offered that it will provide to Pakistan to overcome energy crisis, the official asked. A press release issued by the Ministry of Water and Power on the dialogue also did not reveal any significant information that might be considered some development. The release said, This meeting of the Energy Working group under the US - Pakistan Strategic Dialogue follows the October 2009 and March 2010 bilateral energy dialogues. Discussions focused on short and medium term steps to address Pakistans current energy shortfalls and the means to return the sector to a sustainable footing. The official said that the above statement does not say anything at all as these are just statements those are made in every meeting following no actions. The US delegation confirmed its intent to assist Pakistan in addressing the hardships experienced by all Pakistanis due to energy shortfalls. The official asked what intent is meant for when the government side is not asking about past promises done by US and just listening to intents. The government now would have to understand that it would have to take all the stake holders on board and bring out some concrete solution instead of making statements, official said.