KARACHI - Diabetes in Pakistan is increasing at an alarming rate.

The number of pregnant women in Pakistan suffering from diabetes is considerably higher as compared to other countries. Professor A Samad Shera said this while addressing a press conference hosted by Sanofi Pakistan and Diabetes Association of Pakistan (DAP) at a local hotel here on Thursday.

Diabetes situation in Pakistan is alarming with approximately 7 million diabetics and 1.6 million children among them. Global diabetic experts said this while speaking at the final episode of 4th International Diabetes Conference organised in Karachi by Sanofi Pakistan and DAP.

It is also estimated that by 2040 Pakistan is projected to have 14.4 million diabetics and will rank 8th in the world.

The 4th International Diabetes Conference was organized in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. Sanofi and DAP have collaborated to bring to Pakistan renowned international diabetes experts from globally recognized centers of academic excellence to address the Conference.

The diabetes experts Sir Michael Hirst- Past President International Diabetes Federation, Peter Schwarz- Professor of Medicine Prevention and diabetes care University of Dresden, Nam Cho- President Elect International Diabetes Federation, RüdigerLandgraf- Prof of Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Diabetology at the University of Munich and Co-Chairman German Diabetes Foundation travelled to Pakistan for speaking at the conference.

Professor Peter Schwarz advised a ten thousand step daily walk for everyone. He claimed that a person starting a walk of 10,000 steps daily at the age of 22 will never get a chronic disease.

Speaking at the occasion Asim Jamal, General Manager and Managing Director of Sanofi Pakistan said, “Sanofi is the 5th largest company in Pakistan and Diabetes is a very important area in healthcare. Sanofi has special emphasis on Diabetes and its treatment. We work closely with physicians, community and organize Diabetes camps for creating awareness among general population. A partnership between patient, doctor and Pharma Company is the important need of this time and we are doing it.”

Secretary General of the Diabetic Association of Pakistan and Honorary President International Diabetes Federation (IDF), Prof A SamadShera, stresses the need for healthier lifestyle and regular screening for diabetes, particularly for those at high risk. “It is far better to get diagnosed and managed early rather than allow complications to set in before seeking medical advice”. He also urged to follow the IDF slogan “Eat less, walk more”.