Islamabad -Beaconhouse School System concluded its annual event ‘School of Tomorrow’ this weekend at the Pak-China Friendship Centre Islamabad.

The event themed as ‘A World of Tomorrow: Seeking Inspiration and Equilibrium in a New Age’ was a two-day event held from 11 March 2017.

The previous events of the series were recently held in Lahore in November 2016 and 2015 in Karachi. 

Viper Technology Pvt Ltd powered all the technology at the event including registration and session flows, but most importantly, the Full STEAM room; which was an exhibit of the ‘Classroom of Tomorrow’.

The dialogue on STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) has been around for a while, but using mathematics and science to solve real-world challenges and problems is an area still being explored.

Faisal Sheikh, Chief Operating Officer at Viper Technology commented on the occasion saying, “Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics has been gaining significant momentum, at least in dialogue. But what this event did was to bring these conversations back to life and the application of STEAM in reality.

Viper Technology is proud to be associated with Beaconhouse as their technology provider. Viper has been providing back-end technical support to Beaconhouse School Systems for many years, and stays committed to the group’s progressive education philosophy.”  

At the Beaconhouse School of Tomorrow events, the best place to be at is the FULL STEAM room, where children as young as the age of four are equipped with gadgets, showcasing their engineering expertise, their projects, the creativity they can showcase through tablets and notebooks, and what not. From 3D printing to augmented or virtual reality, this room genuinely is the hottest spot to be at, witnessing young brains and their ease with technology.

More than 40 sessions were carried out through the two days, with keynote speeches, panel discussions, debates, interactive workshops, and performances. These were spread across five main streams including A Digital Future, A Balanced Future, A Safer Future, An Expressive Future and An Inclusive Future.

The creativity that inspires beautiful works of art is the same creativity that has led to some of the world’s highest-performing, usable and visually appealing inventions. The technology we use today, exemplifies engineering and arts working together. No matter the type of collaboration, students benefit from sharing ideas across disciplines.