Islamabad-Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC) on Thursday conducted the National Examination Board (NEB) exam for medical students having foreign qualification, an official said.

The council this year held the examination with the collaboration of National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS). And out of 2478 candidates, 1777 appeared in Islamabad city.

701 candidates appeared in Army Medical College (AMC) Rawalpindi. The test will be concluded in three steps while second and third steps will be conducted in coming months.

Step –I included the basic theory test and its result will be announced on March 24.  Members of the Examination Committee informed that officials of the council from different cities have visited to observe the test.

Dr Feroz Jahangir member committee talking to The Nation said that test has been adopting ‘Prometric System’ in which all the test was based on multiple choice questions (MCQs).

He said that PMDC has upgraded and improved the system by bringing reforms in the test conducting procedure.

“To avoid the conflict of interest, every time different university is assigned to conduct the test,” he said.

He said this step has helped in improving the transparency of examination.

Dr Mussadiq Hussain official PMDC said that three steps of test includes basic theory exam, clinical science and viva on patients. “The step has been taken to meet the international standards of medical examination,” he said.

He said that Pakistani nationals mostly who completed their medical degree from the countries of China, Russia and Central Asian states and Cuba.

“According to statistics, students from Cuba have performed better as compare to other countries,” he said.

Dr Mohammad Haroon informed The Nation that new changes were brought in examination system with consultation of the association of foreign medical graduates. “MCQs system was opted with joint opinion of PMDC and FMG,” he said.

Acting Registrar PMDC Dr Syed Azhar Ali Shah said that result of step I Basic Theory will be announced on 24th March 2017 on the official website of NUMS and PMDC. He further added that NEB committee, council members and representatives from Ministry of NHRSC have also been invited to monitor the examination.

He said that the next Step II Exam has been scheduled to be held on 4th May 2017. Candidates who will pass NEB Step- I & II exam shall be eligible to appear in NEB Step-III exam.

President PMDC Prof Shabbir Lehri said transparency and fairness in the NEB exam is one the top priority of the council which would definitely benefit overall health system of the country.

“All possible measures have been taken in consultation with all related stakeholders,” he said. Mohammad Jamal, a medical student from China while talking to The Nation said that MCQs examination system is being held in all over the world and it is a positive step for students.

“It helps students in being more objective while preparing for the exam,” he said.