MIRPURKHAS - An old buried wooden boat was recovered during lining work in West Jamrao Canal; 20 kilometers from here.

It is worth pointing out here that on various occasions in the past, desilting of West Jamrao canal was officially done. But it is strange that it was only now that the boat was recovered; and that, too, not deep inside from the canal.

This speaks in volumes of the genuineness of the previous desilting done in the canal. According to eyewitnesses accounts, desilting of west Jamrao Canal was continuing that a very old wooden boat was recovered, which was also damaged from a side due to the use of an excavator.

The labourers reportedly tried to shift it to other place but irrigation officials stopped them and asked that it was the property of irrigation department.

It is said that it remained in the use of irrigation department in 1944 for surveying the canal. It was 12 to 20 feet long and about 4 to 5 feet wide in size.

An official of the department said that future of this recovered boat would be decided by higher authorities of irrigation department.