LAHORE -  PPP yesterday issued a white paper on the alleged corruption of the PML-N government accusing the Prime Minister’s family of buying three big airports of the country in the name of privatisation.

Addressing a news conference here, PPP’s central Information Secretary Ch Manzoor Ahmad told reporters that Sharif family was planning to get the ownership of three airports through their front men under the garb of privatisation.

Senior party leader Shaukat Basra accompanied him. 

Manzoor asked the Prime Minister to tell the nation the name of his relative to whom he had awarded the contract of new Islamabad Airport.

“This contract valued Rs 53 billion in 2013 which was enhanced to Rs 87 billion in 2016; and now, it has touched the figure of Rs 125 billion.”, he said.

“The total value of Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi airports stands at Rs 731 billion, but the government intends to dispose of the valuable assets against peanuts.”, he said, adding, that there was no justification to privatise the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) generating Rs 74 billion revenue per annum. 

The PPP leader expressed his wonder why the Prime Minister had announced Rs 73 billion extension project of Lahore Airport when the government was planning to sell it.

He informed reporters that Karachi Airport was spreading over an area of 31, 144 acres while Lahore and Karachi airports comprised 1365 and 3571 acres of land respectively.

He alleged that government was also planning to sell 36 more profit-earning departments at throw away prices.

Manzoor said that government had authorised the new administrative companies of the three airports to lay off the present employees after three months of taking over their possession.

 “We will expose one mega scandal of government every week with the approval of party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari”, he said.

PPP spokesperson said that his party will also agitate this issue in the Parliament besides writing an open letter to NAB and the Supreme Court of Pakistan.