SIALKOT-Police exhumed the grave of Tania Mariyam in a Christian cemetery in Sialkot Cantt on Thursday following the court orders.

Police asked the grieved family to wait for the postmortem report for further proceedings of the murder case. Judicial magistrate Ch Aitzaz Anjum had ordered the Sialkot Cantt police to exhume the grave on a petition filed by the grieved family of the slain Christian girl whose body was found in a canal about two months ago.

Expressing dissatisfaction over the slow investigation by the local police, the grieved family had submitted a writ petition in the court of local judicial magistrate Aitzaz Anjum, seeking the court’s orders for the exhuming of her grave.

Tania Mariyam’s killing remains an unresolved mystery even after the passage of over 50 days. Her father Nadeem Gill said that the police still remain clueless. He expressed complete dissatisfaction over the investigation made by Sialkot in this “blind murder” case. He said that the pace of police investigation was very slow.

Gill said that the police still remain reluctant to bring the management of the of Convent of Jesus and Mary Sialkot Cantt, the school of the girl, under investigation in this murder case, despite the repeated requests made by the family, he added.

“Why the Sialkot police are hesitating and reluctant to bring the school management under investigation,” he said.

On January 23, 2017, the Sambrial police had found the dead body of Tania from the Upper Chenab Canal (UCC) near Sambrial. The police had claimed that she committed suicide while jumping into the canal, while, the grieved family revealed that she did not commit suicide as there was no water in the canal at that time due to the annual closer of the canal.

The family said that their daughter was murdered brutally by some unknown accused after her abduction, but the Sambrial police claimed that she committed suicide. Later, the police registered a murder case on her family’s application.

The family urged Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Inspector General of Police Punjab Mushtaq Sukhera to ensure justice by resolving the mysterious murder case.