PESHAWAR - At least 27 people were killed and several others injured when two missiles fired by a US drone hit a house-cum-madrassa and a moving vehicle in Khaisoora area of North Waziristan Agency on Saturday morning. Local tribesmen informed that three people were killed on the spot while several others were injured in the US drone attack in Khaisoora, 20km north of Mirali town of North Waziristan Agency. Officials confirmed only 12 casualties, but local tribesmen gave the number of dead from 18 to 27. The condition of the injured was stated to be precarious. The dead included two foreigners. However, their exact identity could not be determined. Soon after the missile strike, the Taliban cordoned off the site and did not allow local tribesmen to take part in rescue activities. Taliban shifted dead bodies and injured to an unknown place. Agencies add: several people were trapped under the debris of the building as madrassa was destroyed in the US drone attack. Security forces sources told a private TV channel that six fighters, including four of foreign origin, were killed and wounded several others in the attack. The strike was the third such drone attack this month and the second in the past four days. This week, eight people were killed in a similar attack in South Waziristan. There were no reported high-value targets killed in the strike. The American drone slammed two missiles into the compound of the seminary, where militants were staying and where they kept an ammunition dump, a security official claimed. The official put the death toll at 25, raising the figure from 10 militants who were reported killed earlier on Saturday. It was a drone strike on a compound where militants were staying, another security official told AFP on condition of anonymity. Other intelligence officials put the death toll as high as 28, saying the dead were mostly local militants from a local Wazir tribe who had been preparing to leave for neighbouring Afghanistan to carry out attacks. One of those officials said four foreigners were among the dead but said the bodies of most of those killed were burnt beyond recognition. Sources said low flights of US planes were reported in the area creating panic among the residents. There have been more than 40 such strikes since August 2008, which have killed more than 380 people. US President Barack Obama has adopted a new strategy to defeat extremists, putting Pakistan at the heart of the fight against Al-Qaeda.