BAJAUR AGENCY - The administration of Bajaur Agency has vowed to step up its efforts against polio disease and decided to provide foolproof security to the health teams to make the agency free of deadly disease.

The decision was made during a high-level meeting of the senior officials of the administration, security forces and senior staff of the Health Department here on Friday with Bajaur Agency Political Agent Syed Abdul Jabar Shah in the chair.

Representatives of the World Health Organisation and UNICEF also attended the meeting.

Several issues related to the anti-polio campaign, plan for security arrangements, strategy to ensure monitoring and check and balance of the health teams and mechanism to reduce refusal cases were also discussed during the meeting. Officials of the health department and representatives of the World Health Organisation informed the participants about the anti-polio activities in the area. The participants were informed by the health officials that the activities to eliminate poliovirus in the agency were going well.

Dr Zakir Hussain said the health department was determined to beat the polio disease in the agency and extraordinary efforts had been made to make the area free of poliovirus.