KARACHI - Sindh Police Inspector General Allah Dino Khowaja on Tuesday directed the police to stop misuse of the Tenancy Act. According to the Sindh Police spokesperson, Khowaja has directed all DIGs to take the issue seriously and stop misuse of the Tenancy Act. Khowaja said that police officials must consider the Tenancy Act in relation to the National Action Plan against terrorism. He said that police officials should take care of the issue and look into it. He said the act was not for any specific area and locality. He directed the relevant police authorities to ensure proper implementation of the Act and set SOPs for its implementation. He directed the officials to protect the interests of both tenants and landlords.  He further said that the law was a part of the National Action Plan to curb terrorism in the country. He said that those violating the law, failing to allow access to the premises or providing incorrect information to the police would be punished.