KARACHI - Former President PPP Punjab Qasim Zia has said that PML-N government in Punjab cannot survive in case his party leave the coalition set-up in that province. He said that the PPP-led federal government did not face any problems after the PML-N left the coalition in the centre. He expressed these views while speaking at a meeting at the Karachi Press Club on Sunday. PPP central leader said that to make government in Punjab, any political party must have support of 186 MPAs out of 371 and so far as PML (N) is concerned, it has only support of 173 MPAs. He further told with the reference of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer and other PPP leaders that if PPP quit the coalition government from Punjab, the PML (N) government would not able to survive in the province. He observed that time would prove that which party would sustain its government in the province. He defended PPP led coalition government policies and President Asif Zardari' s vision to start politics of the reconciliation to steer the country out of crisis. He dispelled the impression that PPP led government was following the previous regime policies saying that after February 18 election; it was the vision of PPP Co-Chairman to accept the mandate of all the political parties. He said that the PPP government neither arrested political opponents nor sacked any judge; rather President Asif Ali Zardari had introduced new democratic culture to strengthen institutions in the country. He lambasted the previous regime and ex President Pervez Musharraf adding that he had deceived the nation by making heavy claims of the prosperity. He further told that despite finical hardships, PPP led government had introduced Benizar Bhutto Shaheed Bachat Cards and residential schemes for the downtrodden. Defending his party stance, he told that for the first time in the political history of the country, the armed force briefed the parliamentarians on security issues. He vowed that PPP would utilise energies to make sovereign the parliament, as it was dream of Shaheed Chairperson Bhutto. He lauded President Asif Ali Zardari's efforts to bring democratic culture in the country and PPP nominated opposition party leader as head of Public Accounts Committee Chairman to further transparent the accountability system in the country.