LAHORE-The 7th vintage classic car rally of Pakistan was organized yesterday in Lahore Polo Club to accommodate the annual rally from Karachi to Khyber Pass.

The participating vintage and classic car models ranged from the 1940s to 1980s. Around 50 vintage cars showcased on the occasion fascinated the audience which included, Mercedes, Volkswagens BMWs, Ford Thunderbirds, Mustangs, Chevrolets, Cadillacs, Belair, Ferrari 348, Cadillac eldo tadfe 1976.

12 vintage cars had travelled all the way from Karachi and the rest were from Lahore.

Tourism Corporation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (TCKP) and Classic Land Rover and Vintage Car Club Pakistan will hold the 7th Vintage Classic Car Rally at Peshawar Service Club on November 20.

Talking to The Nation Mushahid Shah president Lahore vintage car chapter said, “This car show is organized by the VCCP. This club is almost 26 years old, every year we hold a rally from Karachi to Peshawar and passing from Islamabad it ended at Lahore. The purpose of this rally is to show people Pakistan is a peaceful country. Secondly it is to create awareness among people in Pakistan that these cars are the heritage of our country and we need to preserve them. The passion to restore classic and vintage cars is all over the world. We started with few hundred people and now we have more than 13 thousand members in our car club. The preservation of vintage and classic car heritage is an important phenomenon and everyone should restore these rides.”

Car owner from Karachi Khalid Aslam said, “First of all when I brought my vintage car there was hardly anything in it. With the passage of time I started restoring the car. It took a long time to restore it. We are actually retired people; we are not rich people if we were rich. Just we had to do is brought a ticket go to London and buy the parts and restore the ride. It’s the 7th rally which we have arranged today. Since we started it the number of vintage and classic cars is increasing day by day. People have a bad impact of our country.

We have got families with us which traveled all the way from Karachi to Torkam border. We want to promote this activity on international level but the dilemma is that there is no support by the government. Two vintage cars from our car club went to Kuwait to participate in a vintage and classic car show and both the cars came first and second and people appreciated our work.

Our main goal is to provide a platform for all classic car enthusiasts in the country.”