ISLAMABAD - A writ petition challenging the notification of Interior Ministry directing all the Turkish staff of Pak-Turk Education Foundation to leave the county was yesterday moved in the Islamabad High Court. 

A single bench of IHC comprising of Justice Aamer Farooq will Thursday (today) take up the matter moved by the management of the school through its counsel Hafiz S A Rehman Advocate. 

In the petition, the counsel challenged the notification directing the Turkish staff to leave Pakistan within three days and cited Interior Ministry as respondent.

The petitioner adopted in the petition that decision of not extending visa to the applicants is bound to prove of devastating consequences to over more than 11,000 students studying in 26 schools across Pakistan as well as the schools and educational institutions themselves to which the expatriate staff members are providing their services.

He contended that the students are in the middle of their educational cycles at the moment and an unplanned exit of the staff at this critical stage will deprive the schools and the students of educational instructions, and is going to seriously affect their education besides creating distress among the students and their parents.

He added that virtually, schools will be even closed and students will be on the roads and vulnerability and sensitivity of parents in this connection is inestimable.

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The counsel argued that by this order of Interior Ministry, 400 family members of about 108 affected members of the staff and teachers will be devastated due to their dislodging at this stage of time when they are in the school and are at mid-session of their education.

Hafiz maintained that a denial to extension of visas of the expatriate teachers, staff members and their families and asking them to leave in three days in an abrupt, sweeping and omnibus amounts to a covert move leading to a forceful closure of the operation of the schools.

Therefore, he prayed to the court to set aside the order of Interior Ministry by declaring it as illegal, unlawful and unreasonable.

He further requested the court to pass an order directing the authorities to allow the expatriate teachers and staff members to continue their teaching and administration assignments by extending their visas till the end of education session or long summer vacations.