LAHORE-Half-goal handicap advantage proved lucky for Wi-Tribe Shahsawars, who carved out thrilling victory against Pebble Breakers in the 6-goal Treet Polo Cup 2016 Pool B match played here at the Lahore Polo Club (LPC) ground on Wednesday.

The vintage car show doubled the festivity at the club, where a great number of old and unique cars were on display and the spectators not only enjoyed the nail-biting polo activity but also the festival. The match started at high pace as both the teams started attacking each others’ goal. It was in-from Ahmed Ali Tiwana, who succeeded in converting the first goal from Pebble Breakers off 40-yard penalty hit. After that, high-flying Hamza Mawaz Khan displayed his polo skills and scored a brilliant brace to give his team 2-1 lead before the end of the first chukker.

The second chukker was evenly poised as one goal each came from both the sides. Hamza completed his hat-trick on a fantastic field goal to stretch the lead to 3-1 which was reduced 3-2 by Ahmed Zubair Butt before the end of the chukker.

The third chukker was dominated by Wi-Tribe as they thwarted three tremendous goals – all converted by Hamza – while Ahmed Tiwana hit the only goal from Pebble Breakers to finish the third chukker at 6-3.

The fourth and last chukker was though completely dominated by Pebble Breakers, who pumped in three goals – one each by Ahmed Zubair, Ahmed Tiwana and Mohsain Ata Khan Khosa - to square the things but it was half-goal handicap advantage, which proved lucky for Wi-Tribe, declaring them winners of the thrilling match. Hissam Ali Hyder and Ahmed Khan Rider supervised the match as field umpires.