ISLAMABAD - Senator Rehman Malik on Wednesday said that his name was not mentioned in the Panama leaks.

Citing reports in which judge of the Supreme Court, Azmat Saeed, has been quoted as “Justice Azmat asked the PTI’s counsel that they have attached the investigation report of former interior minister Rehman Malik, who himself has been named in the Panama Papers ,” Senator Malik said: “I would like to state that my name is neither there in Panama leaks nor I have any offshore company or trust in Panama or in any other tax haven in the world.” 

In a statement, Malik said that he was hurt by the reported remarks of the SC Judge as his name was falsely reported to be in Panama Papers and he had denied it time and again.

He said that neither he was named in Panama Papers nor he had any offshore company in Panama or in any other tax haven in the world.

Senator Malik has appealed to the Supreme Court of Pakistan to independently check it online on the official website of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICUJ) whether he was named in Panama Papers or not, “if not then the Supreme Court of Pakistan is appealed that the reported remarks may kindly be deleted from the proceedings of the Supreme Court in Panama Papers case dated 15th November 2016.”

He said such defamatory remarks which “are based on disinformation can cause irreparable damage” to his reputation.

Malik said it was very easy for everyone to check the list of those who were included in Panama Papers by visiting the website of the ICUJ. The senator announced he will quit politics if his name appeared in Panama Papers .