President Erdogan addressing the Parliament:

I am addressing the Pakistani Parliament for the 3rd time, which is a great honour for me.

Pakistan and Turkey have brotherly relations for decades. Pakistan has always helped us when needed. Our citizens respect Pakistanis a lot and welcome them with open arms.

The Turkish President thanked Pakistan's support in the wake of the failed coup attempt in Turkey. He said he received phone calls from the top Pakistani leadership including President Mamnoon, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, who expressed their support for democracy in the country and discussed what should be done together. He said we will never forget the sincerity and support extended by Pakistan for Turkish democracy.

Both countries are fighting against terrorism. We both have stood side by side in hours of pain when terrorists hit us. Muhammed Fethullah Gülen is running a terrorist organisation and it should be eliminated as soon as possible. Turkey appreciate Pakistani cooperation in taking steps against FETO. Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the Turkish government is determinedly taking on what he termed the Fethullah Terror Organisation (Feto).

He said the Pakistan government’s move to order expulsion of the Turkish staff of Pak-Turk Schools by Nov 20, which are allegedly run by Gulen's network from the country ahead of his trip reminded everyone here about the coup attempt and domestic challenges confronting his government.

"I am thankful for the solidarity demonstrated by the Pakistani administration on this matter... And for their decisive stance against this organisation," Erdogan said today. 

"It is necessary to dismantle this evil network... the terrorist organisation is a threat to the security of Pakistan," he claimed. 

"The students in the Pak-Turk schools will be taken care of to the highest standards thanks to joint cooperation between Pakistan and Turkey", Erdogan claimed. 

"The recent development in solidarity and support has been the decision to ask Pak-Turk staff to leave by Nov 20," Erdogan said. "This organisation will find no shelter in Pakistan."

"Some columnists in Pakistani newspapers were underlining or making innocent statements or remarks but they are not welcomed by us," the Turkish president said. 

Al Qaeda, ISIS and many other terrorist organisations should be clamped down at all costs. They are killing Muslims and other innocents. Along with that they have brought a bad name to Islam and Muslims. Daesh has no relation to Islam. The West is assisting Al-Qaeda and Daesh in obtaining weapons. We are fighting against them in Iraq and Syria.

"We condemn the atrocities taking place in Occupied Kashmir. Sufferings of Kashmiris can no longer be ignored". He said that the increasing number of problems and tension along the LoC was having significant impact on brothers and sisters in Kashmir and that the OIC will continue to extend support to Pakistan on the matter. “Kashmir needs a final resolution based on dialogue mechanism between Pakistan and India according to UN resolutions and aspirations of Kashmiri people.” 

We want to restore normal relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan for the peace and stability.

People don't know what Islam is, these terrorists are not representing the true form of Islam. Islam is a religion of Peace. We have to unite against these forces who want destabilisation and destruction by dividing us.

Pakistan and Turkey are peaceful countries we want this region to prosper and for that we need to work together. Turning to bilateral relations, President Erdogan said there are enormous activities between the two countries as they have been making progress in defence, health, agriculture, energy and other fields. 

500 Pakistani students will be given an opportunity to do Phd in Turkey. We need to build better trade opportunities.

Our target is to reach a bilateral trade volume of $1B. Erdogan said they are aiming to conclude the Free trade Agreement (FTA) before 2017. He said our relations with Pakistan are growing in strength and in the last five years period since the establishment of high level strategic council, they have held five summits of the council and the next one will be held in Turkey shortly.

I have come to Pakistan with best wishes, love and respect from Turkey.

Ayaz Sadiq addressing the Parliament:

Turkey and Pakistan are closely knit in culture and religion. Our relationship dates back to Ottomon Empire. Jalal ud din Rumi's and Allama Iqbal's poetry plays a very important role in our lives. Our armed Forces are fighting against terrorism and sending a message of Peace across the globe. Your support on Kashmir issue is greatly appreciated by Pakistani citizens and Kashmiris.  

PM reached the Parliament:

PM Nawaz has reached the parliament, to welcome President Tayyip Erdogan, reported waqt news.

The joint session of the parliament has begun with the national anthem of both countries and recitation of the Quran.

Soon Erdogan will be addressing the session.

All Parliamentarians are present at the house, but Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf has boycotted the session.