LAYYAH-Due to alleged negligence of the railway authorities, four out of eight railway stations have been closed in Layyah district.

A survey conducted by this correspondent reveals that four railway stations including Samtia, Kotla Haji Shah, Dorata and Pahar Pour of Lodhran district have been closed due to alleged negligence of the railway officials. While the operational stations - Jaman Shah, Kot sultan, Layyah, Kror Lal Essan - lack the facility of drinking water and seating for the passengers. Similarly, there is no waiting shed at Jaman Shah Railway Station and the passengers have to wait for train while standing under the sun.

Passengers on these stations told The Nation that the stations’ miserable condition mocks tall claims of the government regarding betterment in the railway department. “In actuality, no one has ever bothered to make sincere efforts to pull the department out of the financial grievances, which is the main reason behind department’s poor performance,” they regretted. They said hundreds of people in the district have been deprived of travelling on rail since the stations were closed.

They demanded Railways Minister Khawja Saad Rafique to pay heed to the situation and make the closed railway station functional as soon as possible.

LHC CELEBRATION: Celebrating sesquicentennial anniversary of Lahore High Court in a befitting manner aims at strengthening the long-standing tradition of dispensing speedy justice to the common man while remaining adhere to the judicial norms and practices.

District and Sessions Judge Rehan Bashir stated while addressing a Judicial Conference held at auditorium of Quaid-e-Azam Medical College here the other day.

He said that these judicial norms are keys to uphold the supremacy of law to establish a peaceful and developed society, adding that guiding principles for supremacy of the law are enshrined both in Islam and Constitution of Pakistan. "The life of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) is an unprecedented and shining example of promoting the rule of law", he noted.