islamabad - Pak-Turk Foundation, after denouncing the government’s order regarding expulsion of 108 Turkish teachers from the country, has decided to ‘tight its lips’ till departure of Turkish President , official said yesterday.

Talking to The Nation, Chairman Pak-Turk Education Foundation (PTEF) International Schools and Colleges, Alamgir Khan said that the management will give its further response on Friday.

“No academic activities have been suspended in schools and colleges and it will continue as per schedule,” said the chairman.

However, he said further stance on the decision of the government to expel the Turkish staff along with their families will be given later.

Another official who was not allowed to talk to media before departure of the Turkish President informed The Nation that although education foundation has continued its activities but the issued notification spread uncertainty among parents and teachers.

“Educational institutes will keep working even the entire Turkish staff is sent back, because already local staff in large number is working in the set-up,” said official. 

The ‘visa issue’ of Turkish staff was also raised before. And situation will be clear after the departure of the Turkish President .

Meanwhile, the websites of all Pak-Turk Schools and Colleges were linked down for nearly eight hours in the day.

Chairman PTEF said it happened because of ‘over load’ on the internet server providing the services.

The issue of expelling the Turkish staff even remained in debate on social media by the parliamentarians.

Member National Assembly (MNA) from Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarian (PPP) tweeted on social media,

“Our relations with Turkey apart, Pakistan must address Pak-Turk Schools issue in the interest of our children education”.

Talking to The Nation the MNA said that the political chaos in Turkey few months back was its internal matter.

“Pakistan should not mix its own interests with the internal matters of any other country,” she said.

She also stated that the political policies always vary with the change in governments while Pakistan should look towards the future of its students.

She said, in her personal opinion, Pak-Turk schools brought a mini revolution in Sindh and she cannot endorse the decision of government to expel the Turkish staff of educational institutions.

A day before the arrival of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Pakistan, Interior Ministry had issued a notification to CEO PTEF, in which teachers were told that their visas will not be extended and they are ordered to leave the country by Nov 20.

The decision was applied on 108 teachers and their families, raising toll to 450 individuals.

The foundation in response to the order had issued a public announcement stating, “Pak-Turk International Schools and Colleges are extremely concerned over the abrupt decision of the government requiring the Turkish teachers, and their family members, individuals including the school going children, infants and ladies to leave the country within three days - and extraordinary time constraint - In consequence of non-approval of their requests for extension of visas.”

The official of the Pak-Turk Schools Foundation had said that it had removed all Turkish principals and publicly announced that it has no connection with Gulen movement and there has been no justification of the new order.

Meanwhile, thousands of parents of children studying at Pak-Turk Schools are worried about the future of their kids while many Turkish teachers are in panic, as Pakistan has told them to leave the country – for alleged links to Fethullah Gulen- the US based cleric, Ankara blames for orchestrating the failed coup.

The Pak-Turk schools have been under radar of government agencies since Turk government asked Pakistan to close down the schools after the coup.

But the matter became dull when government agencies failed to find any linkage or excuse to close down the educational institution, which has earned a great respect.

The issue has become alive again when Turkish President’s visit to Pakistan was announced this month. Ministry of Interior cancelling the visas, told the Turk nationals to leave the country by November 20.

The decision surprised more than 100 teachers and their families living in for decades.

The second most disturbing thing for the families is to be deported back to Turkey on charges of links with Gullen.

“It is very unfortunate – we have been teaching in Pakistan since decades- we have no connection with Gullen whatsoever,” a teacher told The Nation.

“Government agencies have searched our records our records but find no financial discrepancy,” he said.

High court is the last hope for the foreign teachers where they have challenged the deportation orders.

The petition was accepted by the IHC and the hearing of the case will begin on November 17.