FAISALABAD-In the wake of the murder of a police inspector and a party leader, PML-N leader Ch Sher Ali has seriously criticised Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif alleging that the latter had given a killing licence to Punjab Law Minister Rana SanauIlah.

Addressing a press conference at his residence, Sher Ali repeated his allegations against Rana Sanaullah Khan alleging that now he was the murderer of 22 people after the murder of police inspector Rana Atif and PML-N worker Asif Butt who carried an electoral campaign against the law minister during the first phase of local bodies elections.

Sher Ali warned PML-N leadership that party was suffering a lot due to Rana Sana as all the government matters and decisions for Faisalabad were given in the hands of a murderer. He alleged, “Two candidates for mayor by Rana Sana were suppliers of alcohol and women from a local five star hotel of the city, if we have to fight election against such corrupt people what would be the future of PML-N.” He alleged that Rana Sana during the LB elections first phase got defeated by his son Amir Sher Ali with the help of district administration. The other day during the elections for reserved seats, the provincial law minister called commissioner, DCO and CPO at circuit house and through undemocratic ways defeated many of our candidates but party workers expressed their hatred and PML-N workers mayor group succeeded in getting majority of the seats.

He said that Rana Sana had destroyed the sentiments of PML-N workers, and was destroying the party. Sher Ali said that PPP founder and former PM Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in his tenure formed PSF and later a prominent office-bearer of PSF became approver against Bhutto. He added that Rana Sana would be an approver against the Punjab chief minister in the future.

He said that Faisalabad has always supported PML-N therefore the leadership should rid Faisalabad of “murder” Rana Sanaullah. He alleged that MPA Ejaz, the chairman of Faisalabad Development Authority (FDA), was right hand of Rana Sana and was involved in millions of rupees corruption against the benefits of the city and the citizens. To a question, he said, “If the party leadership desires, they can kick me out of the party but I have announced my will to my children to burry me in the graveyard in the flag of PML.”

Earlier, an attacker had gunned down the police inspector on Wednesday after snatching gun from the police. The accused was later killed in an alleged encounter by the police.

ASI Muhammad Sarfraz deputed at Satiana police station was on a private car while taking an accused of narcotics with him towards central jail when the accused Ibrar snatched official pistol from the ASI and shot him dead on the spot and managed to escape. Later, the police claimed that the outlaw opened fire on the police party who went to arrest him. However, during the exchange of bullets the outlaw was killed in police encounter.