FAISALABAD/MANDI BAHAUDDIN-A major upset was observed during the elections of the local government’s reserved seats here as Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah group was defeated by the PML-N central leader Ch Sher Ali group.

All the slots for the reserved seats were opened the other month despite allotting of party tickets when the PML-N high level committee at Lahore failed to settle the matters between the two rival groups. The elections were contested for 25 reserved seats of Municipal Cooperation Faisalabad. As per unofficial results, Ch Sher Ali group succeeded in bagging 13 seats while Rana Sanaullah group succeeded in bagging only 10 seats. However, the PTI also won two seats.

The elections were also contested for 24 reserved seats of District Council. Usman Nazir Bajwa on youth seat was earlier elected unopposed. Like municipal cooperation reserved seats, serious rift was also noticed for district council reserved seats among the members of assemblies belonging to PML-N. Former district Nazim Zahid Nazir along with his brother MNA Asim Nazir group was against PML-N district president Mian Qasim Faroq, the son of MNA Mian Farooq and former speaker Punjab Assembly Ch Afzal Sahi.

Both the groups had tough competition. The successful candidates, as per unofficial results, are: Zahid Nazir group failed to get majority during the election and succeeded in bagging only 10 reserved seats whereas Qasim Farooq group bagged rest of the reserve seats. As many as 157 city council chairmen cast their votes for municipal cooperation reserved seats while 189 union council chairmen cast their votes for reserve seats of district council. Now district council and municipal cooperation houses completed and they would cast their votes in the houses to elect mayor of Faisalabad and chairman of District Council.

Some 64 candidates contested elections for 25 reserved seats, including 15 seats for women, two seats for technocrat, two for labour, 5 for minorities and one for youth. The winners are: Farzana Bibi with 12 votes, Bashirian with 10, Kausar Shani with 10, Shahida with 10, Zahida with 8, Fareeda with 8, Nusrat Kamoka with 8, Rabia Saleem with 7, Rubina Yasmeen with 7, Amina Attta with 6, Ruqia Kausar with 6, Rehana Shahid with 6, Shoumila CH with 6 and Kalssom with 6 votes.

Elections to 24 District Council seats including 15 women seats were held peacefully. Out of four minorities’ seats, Hindu community won three and the fourth went to Christians. There were three seats reserved for Kisan/labourer out of them two were grabbed by Saleh Rannjha and Arsalan Gondal, while election on the third seat ended in draw between rival candidates.

PML-N makes clean sweep in Lalamusa

LALAMUSA-The PML-N once again has proved district Gujrat as an unconquerable fortress of the party by making a clean sweep of Gujrat Municipal Corporation seats in the local government reserved seats elections.

In district council it has got lion’s share of LG reserved seats. While PML-Q and PTI could win three seats each. The polling amid strict security measures was held in a peaceful atmosphere and no untoward incident was reported. As per unofficial results available in Gujrat municipal corporation, all the nine seats were bagged by PML-N nominees including Bilal Nayer, Altamash Hameed, Sultan Chaudhry, Mirza Zeeshan, Mehr Shuaib, Amanuel Mesih, Ms Fauzia Akram Bhatti, Nighat Iqbal Qureshi and Seema Azeem.

Similarly, out of a total of 25 seats in district council, PML-N secured 16 seats, PTI 3, PML-Q 3 and independents 3 seats. Present results, according to independent political observers, have paved clear way for the Gujrat Municipal Corporation and district council chairman of PML-N candidates. However, it would be a nerve wrecking task for the party high-ups to nominate a candidate for the chairmanship as contrary to Gujrat Municipal Corporation mayorship, there are three aspirants belonging to PML-N for DC.