LAHORE - The Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) says the visit of the delegation comprising orphans from Dar-ul-Shafqat was conducted as per the Standard Operating Procedure laid down for the purpose.

According to a statement, the delegation was accorded warm welcome and hospitality. “As a matter of fact, during the visit, orphans were given priority treatment. WAPDA provided them transportation for pick and drop. Presentation on water conservation was given in WAPDA‘s historical auditorium. Briefing on Dam Models was given by four officers. Orphans were taken to the roof top for view of Lahore by using telescope,” the Wapda spokesman said in the statement.

“Snack packs (Fruit Juice, chips and cake) were served at the end of the visit.

“For group photo, the Head of Special Initiatives & Corporate Social Responsibility and his team accompanied the orphans.

“In view of the above, the impression given in the news item as to the delegation was not properly entertained is not based on facts,” the statement reads.