LAHORE   -  President Arif Alvi on Friday expressed resentment over the huge protocol given to him on arrival at Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore.

In a tweet, the President said at least 32 vehicles were present outside the airport to escort him to the venue.

Refusing to take the protocol, the president said that he will wait for the vehicles to leave before coming out of the airport.

The president said he wanted only security vehicles and avoid protocol that becomes a cause of inconvenience to the people.

In his inaugural address in a joint sitting of the Parliament, President Alvi urged the nation to be a part of the austerity initiatives taken by the government in an effort to create Naya Pakistan.

“These measures include ending the practices of protocol for members of the government,” he added.

The president earlier drew flak over the heavy protocol provided to him on his maiden visit to Karachi due to which the city witnessed a heavy traffic jam.

Alvi, who is very active on Twitter, posted: “The long chain of official cars following me is despite the fact that I asked all officials present at the airport not to embarrass me with a huge protocol. One or two cars in front and one or two cars behind may satisfy their security needs. This did not happen. We have to try harder.”