KARACHI   -  A tanker driver was killed when a speeding dumper collided with another oil tanker on Super Highway on Friday.

Police said that the multiple vehicles were collided including two tankers, two dumpers and a truck were also completely damaged while other vehicles were caught fire.

Following the incident police, firefighters and volunteers from different welfare organisations immediately reached the site of the accident. The volunteers, however, rescued a man believed to be a driver from one of the tankers to take him to the hospital but he succumbed to his injures on the way to the hospital.

Police said that the accident took place when a speedy oil tanker hit and colliding with another oil tanker from the back on Ansari brigade on Super Highway, which also caused of fire, adding that two more dumpers and a truck also caught fire and damaged after the accident.

The accident also caused of massive traffic jam on the highway. The motorway police officials also reached the site and cleared the road for the traffic. Two fire tenders participated in the fire extinguish work before clearing the road for the traffic. Police officials said that the man who is believed to be a tanker driver killed in the accident is yet to be identified. A case has been registered while further investigation was underway.

Meanwhile, police registered a case against the company owners over the deaths of the six laborers in an inferno a couple of days ago.

Six workers of factory had been died following huge explosion. According to a report released by the chief inspector of boilers of the Sindh industries department, they received severe burns when molten metal and combustible gases accidentally splashed out from a rotary tilting furnace, causing fire.

More than 3000 workers work at the factory, however, the fire affected seven of them of which six of them lost their lives while remaining one was discharged from the hospital after medical first aid as he had received few burn injuries.

With the passage of a couple of days, Shah Latif police have registered an FIR No. 755/18 against the company’s owners. According to SHO Ganwar Ali, the incident occurred due to the negligence of the owners while the police was looking for their arrests.