KARACHI - Inspector General of Police Sindh Wajid Ali Khan said on Sunday that community policing is the answer to modern and effective policing, therefore, efforts should be taken for establishment of community police centres (CPC) at an accelerated pace. Issuing guidelines, instructions with regards to the establishment and functioning of CPCs, the IGP said the Sindh Police had undertaken the task to establish at least 495 CPCs at the level of police Stations involving civil society not only to beat crimes together, but also to have a friendly environment for the betterment of peace and harmony. AS per the IGPs instructions, at each CPC, a police office at least of an official of the sub-inspector ranking would be set up as a community police office that would operate in close liaison with the respective police station. The community police officer and his team would ensure safety and peace of community life by preventing crimes, apprehending criminal suspects, offering juvenile guidance, IGP emphasised. He said that policemen deployed at CPCs should have a grasp on the security control, take opinions, requests and concerns of the citizens into consideration. Policemen at CPCs should also arrange to provide counseling on juvenile issues, missing children consumer victimisation, organised crime invention in civil affairs, he added. Wajid Khan stressed to ensure radio-equipped patrol cars, motorcycles at each CPC for routine patrol and rapid response. These vehicles remain in constant contact with their respective police stations. When an emergency is reported, this rapid response capability will play a major role in the quick resolution of such incidents, he added. We must not overlook even the slightest offence, he said, adding these efforts would nourish a law-abiding mentality in the people. PDF continues relief efforts: The Peoples Doctors Forum Sindh continues providing healthcare and treatment facilities in the rain-affected areas of the province and 85000 people have been cured through 110 medical camps so far. PDF President Dr Karim Khuwaja said in a release on Sunday that camps are operating in Golarchi, Matli, Jhudo, Umerkot, Zero Point Badin, Tando Allahyar, Jati Chowk Thatta, Tando Muhammad Khan, Shahpur Chakar, Kario Ghanwar, all the union councils of Benazirabad etc. He said free medicines were given to the rain-affected people and added that malaria, skin diseases and diarrhoea are the common diseases among these people. They also face shortage of food. The PDF had also setup 90 medical camps across the province for the people affected by floods last year.