ISLAMABAD - Admiral (Retd) FasihBokhariwas appointed as Chairman National Accountability Bureau, according to a notification issued by the Ministry of Law here on Sunday. Sources in the government said MrBokhariwasted no time and assumed the charge as NAB Chairman. It is interesting to note that his notification was issued on public holiday and on the same day he assumed the charge without wasting any time. Political observers term the appointment of Chairman NAB a smart move by the President Zardari at a time when PML-N leadership was all set to launch 'go Zardari movement to dislodge the incumbent political dispensation which, according to them, had failed to deliver and lost credibility in the eyes of the nation. At this critical juncture, President could use him (new NAB chief) as a fatal tool against the Sharifs, whose corruption cases were pending with NAB courts and could be opened with a single stroke of his pen, these observers commented. Sources in PML-N when contacted said the PML-N leaders were closely watching the developments on this front and their legal team would look into the possibilities how to deal with the matter in a day or so. They said ChaudhryNisar had not written anything about the credentials of FasihBokhari because he had questioned the very process through which his name was floated for the slot of NABChairman. When the process of nomination was flawed then the credentials of the credentials of the candidate become meaningless unless and until the flaws in the procedure are removed. PML-N leader said the meeting of Bokhari with the Prime Minister and the President ahead of his formal notification did not go well. We would be weighing our options and the final decision in this connection would be made in a day or so after the meeting of the partys legal team.