The newly appointed Chairman of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Rtd Admiral Fasih Bokhari took the charge of his post in haste on Sunday night after the Officials of the Ministry of Law issued a notification of his appointment late in the evening. According to well informed sources, the President summoned former Law Minister Babar Awan at Aiwan-e-Sadr on Sunday and after consultations, it was decided that Rtd Admiral Fasih Bokhari should immediately take over the charge. Senior officials of the Law Ministry were called to the office to issue the required notification. Sources said that this was done to avoid any legal controversy. Meanwhile addressing the introductory meeting at his office on Monday, Adm Rt Fasih Bokhari said that he will try to accomplish the task of rooting out corruption from the society through collective efforts to NAB team. He said that concerted efforts will be made by working on the priorities ad focusing on the most important areas of concern to fight against the menace of corruption. He also emphasized that all stake holders and national institutions should have to work in harmony to achieve the desired goal of eradicating the menace from the society. He further added that prevention side of corruption also needs utmost importance. He said the institution of NAB should be re-strengthened by bringing in highly qualified professionals in different fields to upgrade services and capacity of the organization. Adm (Rtd) Bokhari said that the strength always lies in consultation and team work and there is always a greater balance in consultative process. He urged the officers to give their input freely on various issues so as to improve the working of NAB and make it more vibrant as an institution. He said that he will look into the system of accountability and try to remove the shortcomings.