MARDAN - District and Session Judge has ordered local police to register FIR against the accused of kidnapping a girl, official sources said. They said a woman named Rewat Bibi, wife of Rahib Khan, resident of Ghulam Sarwar Kally Rustam, submitted an application under Section 22 A stating that Sher Ghani, Abdul Ghani and Gul Ghani, sons of Shereen, resident of Ghulam Sarwar Kally Rustam entered her house and kidnapped her daughter Fatima on gunpoint on September 19. She stated that she went to police station to register FIR against the accused but they did not register the case. She alleged that they were using delaying tactics. She added that the said accused had kidnapped her daughter earlier also and she registered FIR with Rustam Police Station, adding that at that time the police had recovered her daughter. She stated in her application that the accused wanted to force them to compromise but the police did not register FIR against them. District and Session Judge ordered the local police to register FIR. Police registered the FIR against the accused under Section 365A. Sources said there are several cases of kidnapping and missing people in which police did not register any FIR. They said unknown persons kidnapped two people named Siraj, son of Dahrani and Muhammad Rhman, son of Habib-ur-Rehman, resident of Toru Mera on October 2 when they were going to Mardan in their motorcar number RLF 1350. They said the unidentified gunmen took away their vehicle also. Sources said relatives of the kidnapped people wanted to register FIR of the incident and in this connection they wrote an application to DPO Mardan, but the said police station and DSP Sheikh Maltoon Town circle refused to register the case and told them that they should register the case with Shahbaz Gahri Police Station, as they were kidnapped from that area. Meanwhile, Field Coordinator National Research and Development Foundation (NRDF) Maulana Syed Jehanzeb Zahid has said that due to special campaign of their organisation against polio 440 children were immunized in the Frontier Region Peshawar. Addressing a press conference here at Peshawar Press Club on Sunday, he informed that with the collaboration of ulema, working under the auspices of NRDF, they have largely contributed to the polio vaccination process. He said that polio is one of the most dangerous diseases in the world, which has affected a large number of children across the globe. He said due to a well-formed strategy and proper planning, other countries have wiped out this disease but Pakistan is among those where still this disease is present and each month new cases are surfaced.