THIS is the incredible moment a daredevil jumps over a Lamborghini travelling at 60MPH. Adrenaline junkie Alassan Issa Gobitaca, 31, calmly faces towards the Italian supercar as it hurtles towards him. He then leaps into the air and the 1.1 metre high Gallardo passes underneath him. It is the latest stunt to be performed by Alassan, who works as a childrens guidance councillor in Stockholm, Sweden. The talented athlete nicknamed 'Al the Jumper said: It all started a year ago when a friend asked me to try and jump over his car. SW But I didnt see it as a challenge when it wasnt moving so I asked him to drive at me so I could make the jump. It was scary, but fun. Im a bit of a daredevil so I like to do this sort of thing. I want to challenge Top Gear to film me jumping over a car driven by The Stig. The amazing moment was captured by Christopher Anneborn who was taken aback by Als combination of bravery and madness. He said: Ive never seen anything like this before. I thought it would be cool if he jumped over it as it stood idle. But then when he jumped over the Lamborghini at around 60mph it was insane, and I think most people thought that too Next up for Al the Jumper is the ultimate jump where he plans to leap over TWO supercars travelling towards him at around 75mph. He added: It was tried and failed by a guy around 30 years ago but I dont want to see the footage because it might frighten me. But Im going to give it a try and hopefully get into the Guinness Book of Records.