LAHORE The central shoora of the Jamaat-e-Islami has demanded fresh elections under an interim government headed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan. The JI central advisory body at its meeting at Mansoora on Sunday also called for disqualifying the parties that did not hold party elections and the candidates spending beyond the fixed amount in the election campaign. Through a resolution, the Shoora also called for a total ban on dual nationalities and transfer of money to other countries. The shoora said that regular party elections must be made mandatory for the parties taking party in elections. Besides, it said, the practice of issuing party tickets in return for heavy donations must be curbed and the parties involved in this evil practice must be banned from elections for a fixed term. It demanded closing all doors of interference in the election process and heavy punishment for the government functionaries violating the ban. To achieve these goals, it called for an autonomous the Election Commission enjoying complete administrative and financial powers. It also called for preparing fresh electoral lists, retaining the names of holders of computerised identity cards and dropping all bogus votes. A permanent election scheme should be released on internet. The election tribunals must be announced immediately after the announcement of the election schedule and the tribunals should be bound to decide all cases within two months. It demanded total ban on election meetings and rallies except corner meetings, mosque addresses and door to door visits. Deploring the inefficiency of the government in meeting the challenge created by rains and floods in Sindh, the Shoora called for ensuring issuance of Pakistan Cards to all the deserving people.