KATE Middleton has started snacking more. The slender royal - the wife of Prince William - has struggled to put on weight but has now embraced a new healthy plan than is much ore relaxed than her previous healthy-eating regimes. Her philosophy is that every time shes offered a biscuit or a sweet treat, she says yes, a source said. Shes tried all sorts of approaches but nothing seemed to work. Now shes finally found the solution and its one that any woman would kill for - snacking. The duchess loves her new diet as it gives her a chance to indulge in all her favourite snacks like shortbread and chocolate hobnobs and because she has seen results so quickly. SS Catherine is said to be thrilled with her healthier shape - and her husband is equally overjoyed. William loves the fact that Kate looks curvier, the source said. Catherines new diet is sure to go down well with William, who famously asked for a chocolate biscuit cake for their wedding in April this year. The prince admitted he has a soft spot for the treat and was delighted with the multi-layered chocolate biscuit cake created by McVities that was offered to guests alongside the official wedding cake. SS