PESHAWAR - In order to fill offices lying vacant since the dissolution of PPP provincial cabinet with persons acceptable to all within the PPP, both the central and provincial top brass of the party is busy in consultations, sources told TheNation on Sunday. They said so far, the PPP top leadership has talked to Peoples Doctors Association (PDA), the district-based ex-leadership, MPAs and former ticket holders in this regard. It aims at incorporating their input in nominating uncontroversial provincial office-bearers, they said. With the same spirit, PPPs women wing, lawyers wing, ex-presidents, general secretaries and others would also be taken into confidence prior to fresh nominations on the PPPs provincial offices except its president as Senator Sardar Ali Khan, a close buddy of the PPP Co-Chairman and President Asif Ali Zardari already appointed on the post. Soon after shouldering responsibilities, MPAs, MNAs, well-wishers and others issued statements welcoming the nomination of Sardar Ali Khans as PPPs KP President. To fill the PPPs remaining provincial offices, the party high command is busy seeking advices from all the stakeholders, the sources said. In other words, the PPP is in search of deserving, active, accessible and sincere persons for the remaining seats. Keeping in view the PPPs present position in the province, its challenges, the coming elections and working relationship with its senior coalition partner ANP in KP, the PPP top brass will make nominations with much care. During this ongoing consultation process, it has also been thoroughly discussed that what if youngsters are given responsibility to run party affairs in KP. No doubt that youngsters will be more energetic and active, however old buddies could not be ignored at all, the sources said. It is obvious that it would certainly deepen the existing differences within the party if their suggestions and recommendations were given no weight. In the prevailing circumstances, the PPP will have to cautiously act thats why it has started consultation process so as to choose office-bearers acceptable to all. They, however, said it was expected that more share in the fresh nominations is likely to be given to Malakand division, the largest division in KP.