ISLAMABAD - Representatives of the main opposition parties on Sunday showed a mixed reaction to Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilanis statement that next general elections would be held in 2013. Chairman of PML-N Raja Zafarul Haq, while commenting on the statement, said that the masses and not the rulers would decide about the timeframe of next general elections. He said that the ground realities like level of corruption during the current regime, deteriorating economic situation and sinking government departments speak otherwise. He said that in the democratic process there were other solutions to bad governance like exercise of right to vote for a positive change, as the countrymen have lost their trust in the government owing to their bad performance. Raja said that the masses would not further wait the accomplishment of five-year term they had mandated the ruling coalition, as the current government was adding to their miseries with each passing day. PML-N is of the view that there are no turns in politics, as stated by the Premier, but the wish of the masses matters at the end of the day, Zafarul Haq added. Central leader of Jammat-e-Islami Fareed Paracha said though early general elections were not something unconstitutional but holding of elections for the sake of elections would yield no fruit. He said that the rulers should read the writing on the wall that they have lost the right to rule. He said that in the presence of plethora of issues including inflation, worst law and order situation, confronting challenges to countrys sovereignty, energy crisis, the Premiers statement was not reflecting the will of the masses. He said that the real change could occur in the backdrop of fresh general elections if the same were held under a neutral interim government and an independent election commission. JUI-F Spokesperson Moulana Amjad said that his party supports the constitutional right of completion of five-year term of the incumbent government. He said that the important decisions of national level like midterm polls are made on the basis of principles and as per Constitution and not on the will of a few politicians. He said if the current democratic set-up completes it mandated term, the masses would be at a good position to hold them accountable, as no lame excuse would be left for them.