LAHORE - The Sunday makeshift markets, which are popular for their affordable rates, have now become out of commoners reach, as the prices of all vegetables are increasing constantly. The City district government is taking no step to bring down the spiralling prices, however it blames the torrential rains in Sindh and low arrival of vegetables from Punjab districts for inflationary trend in veggies. Prices of veggies and fruits have skyrocketed beyond the reach of the common man, as the arrival of seasonal vegetables have come down drastically, leaving the public with no other choice but to restrict themselves to a few vegetables like brinjal, potato and cabbage. Not just the expensive peas, beans and capsicum, but the relatively affordable tomatoes, onion and potatoes, drumstick and turnip the basic ingredients in most local dishes are no more within the reach of a majority of people. The price of onion in the weekly bazaars of the provincial capital is continuously increasing as it has gone up to Rs40 per kg from Rs30 within period of one week while tomato rates are hovering around Rs60 to Rs70 there. A turnip which was selling at just Rs10 or Rs15 is now of Rs40-50 per kg. The price of tomato is now hovering around Rs60-70 a kg at makeshift bazaar. It was just Rs15-20 just one month back. Bottle gourd that cost Rs20 some weeks ago is now being sold for Rs80; ridge gourd, which is usually Rs20-25 a kg, is now sold at Rs60-80 a kg. Even a bundle of coriander is not less than Rs20 in cheaper markets. Brinjal, which normally sells for Rs10-15 per kg, now costs more than Rs25. Several vegetables are nowhere to be seen; if they are available in little quantity they are being sold for high prices as against their normal rates. Cucumber is being sold for Rs50-70 against Rs20-25 per kg. Beans that were sold at Rs100 per kg, while the price of capsicum has doubled and is now sold for Rs120. Even Keera is sold for Rs 25-30 as kg as against the usual price of Rs10-15 a kg all recording a price jump of more than 100 per cent. The officials say that the arrivals of vegetables have come down from their usual supply mainly due to floods. They further said they had prepared plans to ensure vegetables at cheaper rates but, due to damage of crops like leafy vegetables, cucumber and bottle gourd, the prices of other vegetables are also soaring.