OUR STAFF REPORTER KHANEWAL - The Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadith ameer has urged the Muslims to unite so as to thwart anti-Islam conspiracies being hatched by Zionist powers of the world. Addressing a press conference in the auditorium of Jamia Saeedia, Senator Prof Sajid Mir said that the rulers of Pakistan were hoodwinking the nation regarding national policies. Because of bad governance, he observed, the national institutions like PIA, Pakistan Steel Mills, Railways and Wapda were on the brink of destruction. But, he regretted, the rulers including President Zardari and Premier Gilani were singing 'All is well. He said, There is no way out of present political situation except unity among political parties to fight for restoration of genuine democracy in the country. He also demanded schedule for the local government elections, calling for holding the LG polls on party basis. Mir observed, Our rulers are on the pay roll the America. They must get rid of the US slavery through economic development. He stressed the need for transparency in the tax system. Unemployment, poverty, inflation and terrorism were the main issues of the country and only with solid and long-term economic polices, Pakistan can come out of the crises. Later, Dr Abdul Karim, the central head of the Jamiat, responded a question that they always supported the party which worked for enforcement of Islam and development of Pakistan. Both the leader appreciated the policies of the Punjab government, saying that among all the four chief ministers, only the Punjab chief minister was serving the people honestly and devotedly.