Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani on Monday asked media to expand their sole craving for political issues and focus more on highlighting educational and health issues. You shouldnt focus only on politicians, or when there will be new election, or who will be the new prime minister, or whether army chief will take over or not. Instead you should promote educational issues, Gilani said while addressing the award-distribution ceremony of PMs Entrepreneurial Challenge, at National University of Science and Technology (NUST) here in Islamabad on Monday. The Prime Minister said education and health are the governments top most priorities. It is immaterial that I remain here or not. It is our new generation which you should project and encourage, he said directing to the media persons present on the occasion. While talking to journalists, PM hoped that in view of his advice, tomorrows newspapers would give prominence to the news of my very own brilliant students rather than highlighting the prime minister, opposition or the army chief. He urged the universities in the country to impart entrepreneurial skills to youth to help strengthen national economy. I very strongly feel that universities must solve problems of our local industry and scale up their research and development focused on commercial success, the Prime Minister said. Gilani said new growth strategy was being developed and implemented by the democratic government and said it laid greater emphasis on human resource development, innovation and entrepreneurship. He said the Higher Education Commission (HEC) was also focusing on the greater role of universities in building economy, community and future leaders. We are also using Benazir Income Support Fund, micro-credit financing and internship schemes to support the educated and dynamic youth of Pakistan to become high achievers in life, he said. He said the competition Discover: Prosperity through Entrepreneurship was absolutely in line with the vision of his government to promote education. Gilani said for this reason, he readily agreed to the proposal as he sincerely believed that it was the only way to create jobs. The Prime Minister also approved the idea of holding such a competition every year so as to direct the energies of university graduates towards innovation, and entrepreneurship. The Prime Minister also commended the participating teams of 30 universities for their ingenuity and zeal in developing innovative business plans and striving hard to reach the finals.