KARACHI(Online) PSQCA would take effective action measures against counterfeit and sub-standard products with the close support of Consumer organizations and industrial bodies all over the country this was stated by Federal Minister for Science and Technology Mir Chnagez Khan Jamali at an awarness seminar on World Standards Day celebrated by Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority with the collaboration of The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry at FPCCI Karachi. He said that PSQCA was aware of the fact that the markets were flooded with these products and that the PSQCA teams drawing samples of cooking oils, bottled water and consumer products on a regular basis and sending them to the laboratory for quality checks. He ordered PSQCA to make this exercise more effective, PAQCA should target retail outlets and draw samples from the stores and publish the names of those products that do not conform to PSQCA standards, through advertisements in the print and electronic media, as was done in the past. He said Minstry of Science and Technology is fully aware about the problems of PSQCA and closly liasion with PSQCA to resolve the issues in the great intrest of industry and Consumers, He offor full support to NGO working for Rights of Consumers, He said responsibility of drawing of samples from the open market and send them for quality analysis to government laboratories and the the authority to take legal action against the manufacturers, distributors and retail shops that violate the PSQCA laws and standards. Senator Gulam Ali President FPCCI, said the importance of quality could not be understand in trade and business. Therefore a need to ensure international quality standardsto introduce Pakistan product in the international market. He said industrialists should follow international quality standards during productionprocessesto improve quality of life. He pledge that industrilists would make all out efforts towards adopting international quality standards with a view to improving quality of their products, he offor all support to Consumer rights NGOs and PSQCA to use federation houses to creat qulity culture in Pakistan.