ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has condemned President Zardaris insistence on appointing Fasih Bokhari as the new National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chief on the grounds of his (Bokaris) alleged 'moral corruption. PTI Vice President Policy Planning, Security and Foreign Affairs, Dr Shireen Mazari, in a statement issued here on Sunday, condemned the move saying, Corruption is not simply an issue of money being made in deals or other financial irregularities, but it is also moral corruption. As Dr Mazari put it, His statement at an International Institute for Strategic Studies meeting in the Gulf that Quaid-i-Azam had made a mistake in seeking the creation of Pakistan was made public and never contradicted and he was officially reprimanded for the same by the then Naval chief. Equally pertinent, his weak moral character was also evident when he failed to assert his views on the nuclear tests officially, since he was Chief of Naval Staff at the time of the tests, but then chose to speak his mind against the tests after the event to journalists and analysts - while still holding the office of Chief of Naval Staff, she added. According to Mazari, his claim that he resigned in opposition to the Kargil episode was also questionable since Kargil happened in Summer 1999 and his resignation did not take place until the first week of October 1999, two days after Musharraf got a two-year extension as Chairman JCSC from the Nawaz Sharif government. It is unfortunate that the PML-N chose to weaken its stance on the Bokhari candidature perhaps based on this last misperception, she added. Dr Mazari alleged that Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly Ch Nisar Ali rightly pointed out the flaws in the process, but he deliberately avoided pointing to the unsuitability of the candidate. Could Nisar have become a victim of the usual covert compromises made over the last three years between Zardari and Nawaz Sharif? She questioned. While the alleged financial corruption allegations regarding transfer of plots and unfair advantage given to friends involved in arms trading may remain unproven, the moral corruption of Bokhari has been established on the record, she said. Fasih Bokharis moral corruption itself was sufficient to make him unsuitable for the office of NAB chairman and allegations of financial wrongdoing simply added to the unsuitability since the office requires a man who must not only be above suspicion but perceived as such, Mazari observed.