RYAN Goslings favorite food is calamari. The 'Drive actor cant stop scoffing the scrumptious fried squid dish and always makes sure its on the menu at his Beverly Hills restaurant. He said: My favourite food is lightly fried calamari drizzled with lemon juice. I co-own a restaurant called Tagine in Beverly Hills and I oversee the menus. Im a real foodie. When hes not filling his stomach with the battered sea food delight, Ryan is munching on sweets. The 30-year-old screen hunk has a real sweet tooth and craves his daily sugar fix. He said: I am a candy freak. I love all kinds. I cant get enough of a sugar high. My favourite candy is Hi-Chew in Green Apple and Grape. I also like Red Vines red licorice strings. Ryan has previously admitted he never wanted to buy Tagine but is now pleased he purchased the eatery. WFP He said: I never really wanted to own it but one of my best friends called me one night, said his cousin was leaving town and needed to sell it. My friend wanted to buy it but he said we had to do it that night. At the time I wasnt very busy so I spent all my money on this restaurant. I spent a year working in it and now I love it. I think its one of the best restaurants in LA.