The LCCI former Senior Vice President and former Chairman Poultry Association Abdul Basit has urged the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take suo motto action against over 30 per cent unprecedented, unjustified and illogical increase in electricity tariff that is going to hit hard the trade, industry and general public alike. According to press release issued here on Monday, the former LCCI Senior Vice President said that it is very unfortunate that the government is punishing the masses for its incompetence. He said that in a country that has over 100,000 mega watt hydropower potential that could be made available at the rate of only Rs 2 per unit, is buying electricity from the Rental Power Projects (RPPs) and Independent Power Producers (IPPs) at a very high price. Abdul Basit said that over 50 per cent increase in electricity tariff in the last three months is an eye opener for those who are sitting at the helm of affairs as no businesses stay competitive at such a high cost of electricity. Abdul Basit said that there is no logic of increase in electricity tariff at the time when the trade, industry and masses are facing a large number of crisis including electricity & gas shortage, huge burden of external & internal loans ($58.6 billion and Rs.5.6 trillion respectively), double-digit inflation and markup rates, low economic growth, bad law & order situation, political instability, corruption and water shortage etc. He said that the country needs $2.25 billion to generate 2000MW electricity while by ensuring implementation of energy saver culture it could save as much energy within six months time. It is very unfortunate that energy saver culture was introduced by the five years ago but tube culture is prevailing even today. He said that Kalabagh Dam is the only solution of electricity & water shortage and repeated hikes in electricity tariff but present regime shelved the projects with a one stroke of pen. He said that it had already proved that the Indian government was spending a staggering amount of Rs 15 billion on propaganda against Kalabagh Dam, the most feasible power generation project in the country. He said that the government should get rid of the mafias that are forcing it to keep on producing costly electricity. Abdul Basit said that if the present regime is unable to initiate work on mega water reservoirs due to these mafias, then it should subsidize the electricity to keep its rate at Rs 2 per unit as the options to produce cheaper electricity are there. "Had a little attention is given towards convincing the opponents of Kalabagh Dam, the electricity situation in the country today would have been quite satisfactory." He said that the early closures of shopping malls and two weekly offs would result in further deceleration of economic activity in the country therefore the government should not tread on this path. He demanded of the government to withdraw recent bulk increase in electricity prices and direct to the concerned departments to control their line losses and power theft. He also demanded withdrawal of unjust concession given to around 700 VVIP grid stations.