Admitting the killing of 100 security forces personnel in the cross-border attacks in Dir, Mohamand and Bajaur, Inter Service Public Relation (ISPR) Director General (DG) Athar Abbas on Monday said that Pakistan has asked repeatedly to launch action against the fugitive Taliban Commander Maulvi Fazlullah, hiding in Afghanistan but no action was yet taken against him. "Fighters loyal to Fazlullah have launched repeated attacks on security check-posts in the Pakistan's territory during cross-border attacks and killed up to 100 security forces personnel besides killing the innocent citizens," the ISPR spokesman said while talking to foreign news agency. He said that despite Pakistan's repeated request for action against the said commander hiding in Afghanistan, US led forces were not willing to launch attack against the fugitive commander whose fighters in cross-border attacks raided villages in Dir, Bajaur and Mohmand from April to August this year. The issue of cross-border attacks could deepen tension between the two neighboring countries. An Afghan official claimed last year that Maulvi Fazlullah, runaway chief of Swat Taliban, had been killed in a clash between security forces and militants in the Barg Mittal area of Nuristan. Fazlullah, who was also known as FM Mullah or Radio Mullah for his fiery radio broadcasts, managed to regroup in Afghanistan and establish strongholds and local support, and poses a threat to Pakistan once again, said Abbas. Fazlullah and his group are trying to re-enter Swat through Dir," said Abbas, referring to a border region in northwest Pakistan which was relatively stable before the cleric's men recently staged attacks there on security forces.