KARACHI -  As many as 82 percent of Karachi residents are satisfied with the results of targeted operations carried out by security forces in the city and 78% want the operations to continue, a recent survey conducted by Gallup Pakistan showed.

The survey was conducted between 18-30th September, in which more than 700 residents from different parts of Karachi participated.

The survey results showed that 62% of the people agree that incidences of mobile snatching have gone down, whereas 65% believe kidnappings have decreased.

Only 7% were not satisfied with the results of the Karachi operations while 7% were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. 3% chose not to respond to the question.

78% of the respondents said the targeted raids should continue until peace is established completely; 8% gave different durations whereas 14% did not answer.

The survey also gauged the public’s opinion on increase/decrease in incidences of different crimes. When asked about target killing, 88% said there had been a decrease in target killings in the city whereas 2% said the opposite. About mobile thefts, 62% said there had been a decrease while 11% said there had been an increase.

65% said kidnappings had gone down, while 5% said the contrary. 59% said incidences of car thefts had fallen while 7% said they had risen. 76% of the residents said cases of extortions had decreased while 3% said the opposite.

The survey also asked residents their opinion on the performance of the Rangers in the targeted operations, to which 83% praised the Rangers’ role in restoring peace in the city. 3% were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied whereas 7% expressed their reservations. 

When asked which political party they thought could solve Karachi’s problems more effectively, 22% of the respondents said PML-N, 20% said MQM, 10% PPP, 5% PTI, 2% JI, while 8% said other parties.

7% of the respondents said the Pakistan Army can resolve Karachi’s issues, while 19% said no one could fix the city’s problems. 7% did not answer.