MULTAN-Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) Vice Chancellor Prof Tahir Ameen emphasised on the scientists and researchers to evolve a scientific line of action to cope with issues like scarcity of food and other challenges linked to this serious issue to save the future of the coming generations.

Addressing the participants of a seminar organised by Institute of Food Science and Nutrition in connection with the World Food Day, the VC said that the country possesses a plenty of capable human resource and "we could benefit from their capabilities." He lauded the performance of the Institute, saying it has launched research with a pledge to develop and supply nutritious and healthy food for the creation of a healthy nation.

Speaking on the occasion, director of the Institute Prof Saeed Akhtar said that Pakistan stands among those countries where the ratio of casualties due to malnutrition and related diseases was the highest in the world. He pointed out that the administering nutritional elements like iron, vitamin D and calcium to the children, women and elderly persons suffering from malnutrition in scientific way could prevent the society from facing the burden of mentally and physically impaired citizens.

EDO Health Dr Qazi Abdullah noted that the nutrition and health had a strong link, adding that good nutrition was a guarantee to producing a healthy generation. He said that we needed to improve our dietary culture to protect our coming generations from diseases.

EDO Agriculture Shafqat Hussain Bhatti said that besides health benefits, the good nutrition also brought a very pleasant change in the moods of humans. He added that adding calcium, iron, vitamins and other essential elements to a balanced diet could help improve health conditions in the society.

NGO representative Ms Tasneem Bashir pointed out that policies in our country were formed in closed rooms and the policy makers were not held accountable for flawed plans.

Officials from different government departments, students and faculty of the Institute also participated in the seminar.

Later on, a walk was organised to create awareness on importance of nutrition and hazards of malnutrition. The walk was led by the VC.