It is rather ironic when PML-N claims to do a lot for the masses. True, they may have uprooted Lahore to construct more roads, but what happens to their conscience when they drive half an hour in the direction of a small village by the name of Kasur? Or for that matter, the rest of Punjab? 

There is nothing this government has done to facilitate the farmers of this country. They seem to forget that Punjab is basically an agricultural province. The province nearly drowns in rainwater every year right at the time when plantation in the fields have just ended. It is disturbing to watch crops being destroyed by excess rainwater when people have worked in the fields day and night to ensure that the country has food to live by. 

The federal government enjoys playing a blame game and of course, the provincial ones have the open option of following suit. So let’s just assume that Imran Khan has been on strike for three years out of the three and a half they’ve been on the power and of course, he’s tied their hands down to prevent them from doing any good. But he lets them off the hook when they decide to uproot Lahore for the projects giving them personal gains in the form of construction companies getting more projects and hence, the amount of commissions they pay. 

Had the government done more good instead of blaming the opposition for trying to topple their status quo, I am sure people would have wanted to vote for them readily in the next elections regardless of opposition claims of dishonesty, because let’s face it, the population of Pakistan is too distraught and troubled to care about corruption at this point. They are in need of basic life necessities and cannot be bothered to care about how much our leaders may have gathered in Swiss accounts, or any offshore company accounts for that matter. 


Daska, September 24.