KARACHI: Convener Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Pakistan Dr. Farooq Sattar reacted strongly on Bilawal Bhutto’s speech and termed PPP as a party of Interior SIndh. He commented that PPP is responsible for the division of Sindh.

“If we decided to create a new province, there will be no one to stop us” said Farooq Sattar .

He declared that if we can create a country despite non availability of resources, we can easily create a province if opted to do so.

MQM leader announced to bring out a white paper on the misallocation of Karachi’s resources. He revealed that the city which is contributing 70 percent of the country’s revenue is deprived of water.

Farooq Sattar also presented a 10 point agenda and demanded that the arrests of their party members should be stopped saying that they have cleared their negative image created after the Altaf Hussain’s controversial speech.

Farooq Sattar also criticized the premier for not establishing the committee.