RAHIM YAR KHAN -  The son of a PML-N lawmaker along with his two friends allegedly kidnapped a woman and gang raped her in a house at Zahir Pir Town.

Sofia Shahid, 40, a resident of Bhatti Colony, filed an application with the Khanpur Saddr police that Qamar Khan Rind, son of PML-N MPA Nawaz Khan Rind, entered her house along with his two unknown friends and kidnapped her at gunpoint and bundled her in their car. They took her in a building located at Kotla Meeran area near Zahir Pir and gang raped her. Later, SHO Saddr Iqbal called Qamar Khan Rind at police station and inquired about the matter without registering a case.

Later, hundreds of MPA's supporters surrounded the police station Saddr to pressurise the police not to register the case. MPA Nawaz Khan Rind said that there was no matter of rape, the woman has already filed many applications against different persons. Police neither arrested his accused nor registered a case against him.

DPO Zeeshan Asghar said that police called Qamar Khan at police for initial investigation on the application of Sofia Shahid but the case will be registered after completion of medical report. Some police sources requesting anonymity said that Qamar offered the victim Rs3 million for not filing the rape case in the presence of the DSP and SHO but the effected woman rejected the offer. However, MPA denied the allegation.