AHMEDABAD: Today Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar lashed out at those demanding proof of cross LoC surgical strikes .

“Violations are regularly taking place since the last five to six years, you can take out figures. But the only thing that has changed now is that we are giving an effective reply,” he said.

To a question on security lapses, Mr. Parrikar said, “When you are doing things and if there are lapses in it, then mistakes should be rectified.”

Surgical strikes , he said, have increased the sensitivity among Indians regarding national security in a very effective way. “From the day of strike till today some politicians are seeking proof,” Mr. Parrikar said.

“When Indian Army says something we should believe it. It (Army) is the world’s best army and is, professional, brave and has high integrity. I do not feel that anybody will seek proof from them (Army) here in Ahmedabad,” Mr. Parrikar said.

Later, Mr. Parrikar while talking to reporters said that his government is serious about national security.

On the illegal sneaking-in of people in Gujarat from the border, Mr. Parrikar said, “BSF is tightening security at the border. You also know that this is a difficult area where we cannot put up fences as it is a marshy area. But we will use technology and fill the gaps to ensure no unauthorised person enters our territory.”