“I wondered at how callous and cold-blooded and selfish people could be. The termination of the Prime Minister’s life had come as the beginning of a new career for them. It seemed that every one of them had got himself promoted in one way or other, I got the distinct impression that they were all feeling relieved. That the only person who might have kept them under control had disappeared from the scene.”

–President Mohammad Ayub Khan in his popular book, Friends

not Masters, 1967.

On October 16, 1951, Liaquat Ali Khan headed towards the Rawalpindi Chaklala Airbase to make the greatest speech of his life. He was going to address a public meeting organized by Pakistan Muslim League, Rawalpindi. A huge crowd of 100,000 people gathered at the Company Bagh to welcome the First Prime Minister of Pakistan. ‘Baradran-i-Millat’ was all that Liaquat Ali Khan was able to say of his speech when two shots rang through the crowd, as it watched its Prime Minister stagger and crumble on his back. The crowd was stunned into deep silence. A few seconds later, a third shot was sounded. His death is shrouded in mystery to this day as many insist that his assassin Said Akbar, a fugitive from Afghanistan, had no real motive to kill Mr. Khan. Ayub Khan in his book did not mention any names but in a subtle manner pointedly raised his finger towards the conspirators and indicated that it was most likely an inside job.